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Kensol-Franklin Sales Literature
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ManufacturerModel Number Clamp PressureHelp Clamp TypeHelp Head StrokeHelp DaylightHelp Will StampHelp Throat DepthHelp Min ImpressionHelp Max ImpressionHelp WeightHelp
Kensol-Franklin10001 TonDirect Acting3 inch16 inch13 inch7.5 inch2" X 4" inch6" X 8" inch300 pounds
Kensol-Franklin15001.5 TonDirect Acting3 inch15 inch12 inch7.5 inch5" X 6" inch10" X 15" inch450 pounds
Kensol-Franklin5000.5 TonDirect Acting3 inch12 inch9 inch7.25 inch2" X 4" inch5" X 6" inch220 pounds
Kensol-Franklin820010 TonWedge2.75 inch14 inch11.25 inch12 inch6" X 8" inch12" X 24" inch1500 pounds
Kensol-Franklin850010 TonWedge2.75 inch24 inch21.25 inch15 inch6" X 8" inch12" X 24" inch2200 pounds
Kensol-FranklinKF 25002.5 TonDirect Acting3 inch16 inch0 inch7.5 inch6" X 8" inch10" X 15" inch600 pounds
Kensol-FranklinKF 50005 TonToggle3 inch9.5 inch6.5 inch9.25 inch6" X 12" inch10" X 15" inch700 pounds
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